2017 BULLY KING Magazine Mascot OMEGA Now Here At Venomline South!

2017 BULLY KING Magazine Mascot OMEGA Here At Venomline South!

In an announcement that shocked the bully community, Venomline has announced the addition of one of the baddest pocket bully’s on the planet to their already stacked lineup: 2017 BULLY KING Magazine Mascot OMEGA


With the addition of 2017 BULLY KING Magazine Mascot OMEGA, 2018 Mascot VENOM, along with BUTCH CASSIDY & KING TYSON, Texas Size Bullies/Venomline has undoubtedly one of the best Stud Lineups anywhere in the world.

In a separate announcement, the owner of Texas Size Bullies & Founder of Venomline revealed the opening of a 2nd location in Venomline South. This 2nd location (here) will be located in Sparta, NC.

Bully Corps Kennels Named Official Branch of Venomline


Alisa Smith (that’s me!) will be the heading Venomline South. Both of our Customers will be very excited to now have access to both Louis V Line’s Venom AND Omega!

As with any of our branches or co-owns we will play a lead role in setting Alisa up with what we consider “next level” females. We will help select which are true breeding stock and we will also approve the Studs used in the program.

All branches of Venomline will be a representative of us and what we are known for producing.

There’s the official announcement!

Can’t tell you how excited we are to be a part of Venomline!

We are thrilled to be the first to open a branch of the infamous Venomline.


What is really cool is that the owner of Texas Size Bullies (Founder of Venomline) visited our home in North Carolina before finalizing any deal to become a branch of the respected bloodline.

Matt had a very hands on approach, evaluating all of our dogs and helping determine which would be actual breeding stock. The majority of our previous dogs will be pet homed and go on to live happy lives as pets with their forever families.

I respect the fact that he doesn’t just breed two dogs together like most breeders. I am beyond thrilled that we are able to now begin producing some of the best dogs in the country under his mentorship, through the use of his Studs, and most importantly with foundation breeding stock produced at Texas Size Bullies- The Home of Venomline.


One thing I learned during his visit, is that females play a crucial role in a breeding program, and not every female (even if she has an excellent bloodline) is breeding stock. If a female isn’t up to his standard he won’t put her through the strenuous process of breeding. He’ll spay them and find them loving homes or donates as service dogs to vets suffering from mental illness or PTSD. Most breeders (even some of the well known kennels will breed just about anything)

With the guidance of someone like this.. in addition to Harley, Omega and the foundation females coming directly from Venomline- the sky is the limit for us here at Venomline South! We are through the moon excited to be able to work alongside someone like this.

This is a dream come true and our customers are thrilled as well!

More exciting news!

Puppies Are Here!

Venom X Liz (Venom to a Magoo daughter)

Pups are here & Available for Sale!


Venom X Harley (Venom to a Lucky Luciano daughter)

Pups just arrived and are Available for Sale

Deposit Reserves Your Pick!


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